Solutions for growers

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Solutions for growers

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Making a robust plan for a potplant nursery is no trivial task. Living plants do not fit into any simple model of how a production is made.No standard software is able to cope with that sort of complexity, and special made software is therefore the only solution in order to get a reliable overview of how the production is to be planed.

Fore that sole purpose GreenPlan and GreenFlow have been developed.

GreenPlan is the planning program whereas GreenFlow handles the actual implementation of the plan.

GreenPlan is a high end planning tool making it immediately visible to the planner, whether a production is candidate for up scaling of for down scaling.

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The coloration to the right in the planning file shows how acceptable the profit margin is. You specify yourself what is good and what is unacceptable. In the bottom of the form you can evaluate the most common key figures for the current batch. Everything is calculated “on the fly” using a highly optimized calculation engine. No matter how large your plan is, your key figures and profit margins are calculated in a snap.


Everybody makes an occasional error. A complete cost specification is an excellent tool for finding typing errors in the basic data. The experienced grower normally has a clear feeling of whether a specific cost looks plausible or not. If it does not then it should be checked and possibly corrected.

When you trust your basic data, you can trust your plan!

A number of software solutions dealing with horticultural planning already exists. The challenge is that most of them deals with it only partially. Excellent programs for printing labels and/or accounting may have an appendix for e.g. space planning. Dedicated planning software, dealing with both space utilization and materials and operations and cuttings and more, do not have the economy accounted for. That in itself is fine, but what is the final outcome? Do you earn anything implementing that fine plan? Software dealing with both logistics and economy are rare, and some of them are obsolete as they haven't been maintained for years.

This is where GreenPlan and GreenFlow fits in. They contain it all, they are developed on a modern platform, and they have a practical and well proven approach to common planning issues. The bottom line is: Work smart - not hard.