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COGWHEELDSC06091GreenFlow is a practically orientated program designed for the skilled grower. The program keeps track off the current production visually displaying where the batches are situated right now. The batches are spaced and moved in accordance with reality. Either by moving the containers manually or by sending a command to a PLC controlling the mobile containers. Move commands are queued and it is thus possible to start the flow late in the afternoon and have the program do the work by it self during the night. The next morning everything will be in their right new places.


Short feature list:

Varying count of containers

Easy modeling of greenhouses

Graphical planning

Extensive copying functions

Configurable reports

Growth control plansDSC06092

Control of multiple PLC’s

Individual crop journals

Multiple ad hoc marking of batches

Irrigation marking

Growth control registration

Advanced search facilities


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hmtoggle_plus1        Nursery overview (filled, real life)